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2 hours later Joe: *comes in to Nicks room looks at Nick sleeping in his sofa goes over to his bed* Lee. Joe: *just sits there* hallo what about me don’t I have a say in which I date? Back with Miley A knock on the door Miley: *opens* Hi Mitch what are you doing here?

Miley: *sleeping* Joe: *smiles and lifts her up and goes in to his room again putting her down on his bed and gets in* Miley: *snuggles up to his chest* Joe: *puts one arm around her and smiles Closes his eyes and goes to sleep as well* Next morning Miley: *wakes up and sees that she’s in Joe’s bed and smiles get out of bed and in to the bathroom* At school Demi: Joe, is Mitchel at school? Demi: he promised he would come Joe: oh well you have me *smiles* come on lets go eat lunch*goes in to the cafeteria and over to Vanessa and Ashley* Vanessa: *smiles* Hi you two, where Mitch, and Miley? Mitchel *smiles* well I overslept for school so I’m not going and well you don’t have anything to do why don’t we do something? Mitchel we can go to my house and I can teach you something about cars Miley: *smiles* that would be nice an all but I don’t like car’s that much... Miley: *sighs* fine: *goes out* I’ll see you there, I’m taking my car.*gets in to her car* Mitchel: *goes in his pick-up and drives home to his house* Miley: *stops in front of his house* Mitchel: come on, the car is in the back*starts to walk* Miley: *follows him looks around the little house with the ruined windows* do you live here?

He incorporated the four Zedd records in a creative way that felt different but then also tied them together in the most beautiful, special way.” Stay tuned for original music from Mandy too!

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So where did the Jonas Brothers fit into all of this?

Well, Nick dated both Miley Selena, which honestly hasn't been talked about enough despite being controversial AF.

And while Joe dated Demi for a short time, Kevin was busy flying under the radar with his now-wife Danielle Deleasa (er, Jonas).

Although Justin Bieber is the king of rumored (and confirmed) relationships, Joe Jonas comes in at a strong second.

Cyrus focused on her acting career with several television and film appearances in 20.

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