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The underlying merit of hilarity in his dark, absurd jokes is what's making the Pittsburgh native a household name...

And it doesn't hurt that he resembles an Abercrombie model that you shouldn't trust with your kids.

He would get James [Rigato] and Aaron to the point where they were ready to get physical. When that episode aired, it was when the foie gras ban was being lifted in California. We needed to do a Julia Child dish, and I wanted something whole—something very Portland. I had seen people do it before, like Gabriel Rucker, the chef I revere most—a fucking rock star. EB: Your big comeback was Episode 13, when you all paired up with local Mexican artists to create a dish. When I saw the artist Melissa had, I knew how lucky I was. Poor Melissa, she was like “okay…pinks, baby blues…graffiti…what am I supposed to do?

The whole time, I’m getting hate tweets from PETA.” EB: Serving undercooked foie gras to the legendary Jacque Pepin has got to be the most nerve-racking moment in your career. I got back to the elimination house, and Katsuji was standing on the street corner waiting for me with a bottle of Fernet, bawling: “it was supposed to be you man—you were the dark horse! And I never really dealt with that day, emotionally. There was some speculation on social media that the competition had been rigged. ” Mei was totally deadpan; you could tell she wanted to strangle her artist.

“She’s just a friend,” he told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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