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Each step in the mission becomes significantly more difficult than the previous and oftentimes requires a group to complete.

Missions are often composed of four main mission modes (increasing in difficulty) and a fifth scenario (unlocked when the previous modes have been completed).

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Tested it on Dragonica.fr, and dragonica.online so far - but from what I know from friends it also works on any other p-server: Method (DC = disconnect, RC = reconnect, both using the shortcut on my keyboard but any third-party tool could do I guess) : - Open Inventory (if Icon is blocked just press I-Key) - DC - Click market - Shift click to divide stack - RC - Enter amount to duplicate (1 to 100 or stack - 1) - DC - F1 - My Shop - Register - Right-click item to duplicate - Enter any price (1 is faster to do) - Confirm - RC - Drag & drop item to duplicate.

This part requires luck more than anything as far as I can tell. Hello, here a short manual how to dupe on (as far I can tell) all Dragonica p-servers (this method does not work on the official Dragon Saga server) - works only with stacked items!

Yes there is an evil in dragonica indeed and you need to help fight it.

Besides the different background story of each character they also start off in their own original town, all with their own art and theme but you can easily run over to the next town and play the first few levels with a friend since the NPCs there will offer the same quests as your original town.

Marriage System Overview of Marriage System It is the upgraded version of the couple system and provides more opportunity for the couple to enjoy playing together.

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