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He spoke recently at the Search Love Conference and spoke here at the Seattle Interactive Conference. It prioritizes recent and timely results, and it's based off their Caffeine infrastructure." Mike: So far what we're seeing is it's 35 percent of queries, but I think people are expecting that to mean 35 percent of keywords. What we're seeing is really recent posts being annotated to the SERPs, so they're having 8 hours ago, 3 hours ago, 18 minutes ago.

And Mike, we've got some supposedly big changes from Google coming out today. He says, "Google's new Freshness Update affects 35 percent of queries. For example, here's a SERP that we saw for football.

Posted on May 5, 2015 in Digital Media For teachers looking for interesting images to use in their lessons, the Wellcome Images website is a great place to start!

Images are grouped by Science, History and Art, and cover a wide variety of topic areas.

So Amit Singhal, head of Search Quality at Google, writes on the blog and he says a few things, and we've got some questions about this. So keep those up-to-date, and your XML sitemaps could definitely help with this.

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