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I liked Vaughan and Lydia's meet cute better because it was to outrageously hilarious! The ending to the love triangle between Eric, Pat and Nell was so sad, but I was glad to see Pat and Nell back together.

We see a conclusion to the love triangle between Nell, Eric, and Pat in Twist.

That's especially true of the majestic horn and string arrangements, which frame Benjamin's soulful rasp throughout the record.

On Saturday, February 6, Akae Beka play at the Rusty Nail in Stowe.

In advance of that show, Seven Days caught up with Benjamin by phone.

SEVEN DAYS: You're playing the Rusty Nail on Bob Marley's birthday.

Alex's internal dialogue was so funny that the poignant bits slipped right in under the radar and packed a stealthy punch. How will he have to change before we get his book in Chaser? Viewing him from Joe's pov made him less black-and-white, though. I think Alex and Joe's attraction grew through the e-mails and got stronger once she started to trust him and learn more about him.

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