Eror in render vray unhandeled exception updating renderlight

You can check the memory usage from the Windows Task Manager.On 32-bit machines, the operating system allows by default up to 1.5 GB for any single process (application).

but with multiscatter vray shows an error this is a big problem / a "bug" to clean. this is currently only to realize with vray environment fog. not good for short production timelines.hope, my post will reach the developers.

im using Ornatrix for a project and i wanna use V-ray rendering, but i have problem in rendering the hair with vray.i installed the Ornatrix vrayhair and while rendering i see this error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION : Updating render lights line 185 (and some times line 190) i will be thankfull if you help me.....

Most of my experience is in Maya, but for this job I'm using 3DS Max, which I'm not as familiar with. I have a scene with a lot of geometry and one single VRay light.

Only a couple frames in I receive an error: I'm at a loss since I couldn't find much on what this error means, other than a potential shortage in RAM.

Is it possible that this problem is caused by Multiscatter? I don't know if vray shadow map is working for the person which started this thread but on my workstation it doesn't work.

Last modified 26-Jan-2020 11:28