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To condense the angst of several weeks to a few lines, here’s what happened: Having suffered the same fate as others (all calendar events older than ±30 days lost in the upgrade to the new Mobile Me calendar), I spoke to an Apple “Fast Lane” Tech.

She was very helpful, but informed me that, basically, Apple is not supporting information going that far back, as it bogs down the servers.

However, its server information has been outdated since Apple switched to the Mobile Me brand in July 2008.

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She agreed with me that there was no notification that this would happen (only a note about possible delays in migrating large calendars with many old events), and that Apple should have stated clearly what was going to happen to my data.

Really Apple – would it have been too much trouble to notify people that they would lose old calendar data when upgrading to the new format? Was it not possible to wait a few weeks before rolling out this change to ensure that calendars on i Pads would convert automatically?

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