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Ethiopia is spoken of in prophecy ( Psalms ; 87:4 ; Isaiah ; Ezekiel 30:4-9 ; Daniel ; Nahum 3:8-10 ; Habakkuk 3:7 ; Zephaniah ). The country which the Greeks and Romans described as "AEthiopia" and the Hebrews as "Cush" lay to the south of Egypt, and embraced, in its most extended sense, the modern Nubia, Sennaar, Kordofan and northern Abyssinia , and in its more definite sense the kingdom of Meroe.

( Ezekiel ) The Hebrews do not appear to have had much practical acquaintance with Ethiopia itself, though the Ethiopians were well known to them through their intercourse with Egypt. ( Genesis 10:6 ) They were divided into various tribes, of which the Sabeans were the most powerful.

Otherwise their religion is the same as Judaism throughout the world, including observance of the Sabbath and Biblical dietary laws.

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They have no knowledge or post-Biblical Jewish holidays such as Chanukah or Purim, or post-Biblical interpretations of the Law, e.g., the prohibition against mixing meat and milk.

Until recently Ethiopian Jews practiced animal sacrifice, and ritual purification through immersion in water.

country of burnt faces; the Greek word by which the Hebrew Cush is rendered ( Genesis ; 2 Kings 19:9 ; Esther 1:1 ; Job ; Psalms ; 87:4 ), a country which lay to the south of Egypt, beginning at Syene on the First Cataract ( Ezekiel ; 30:6 ), and extending to beyond the confluence of the White and Blue Nile.

It corresponds generally with what is now known as the Soudan (i.e., the land of the blacks).

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