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Clickatell’s SMS gateway enables businesses to send bulk SMS messages to 6 billion mobile phone users across the globe – that’s over 85% of the world population.It comes as no surprise then, that one-way (1-Way) bulk SMS messaging is often a preferred marketing and communication channel for businesses, and not only due to its vast reach.

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SMS (commonly referred to as a text messaging) stands for Short Message Service which is a protocol used for sending short text messages via mobile networks.

It’s one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of communication thanks to its universal nature – even the most basic cellphones can receive this form of text messaging.

The application allows you to controls you phone by sending a Text Message (SMS) . By sending a text message that only you know , from any other phone will trigger the phone to send you back his location.2) Change your phone mode from Silent to Normal .

It helps when you forgot the phone in silent mode and you can't find it by calling it. It helps when you forgot your phone somewhere and you don't want it to ring.

You can custom the text message (SMS) , so only you can manage your phone !!!

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