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It is unclear how many Russians have actually lost access to Zello, however.The company has advised users to keep the latest version of the app on their mobile devices, save their contacts offline, mirror their Zello channel subscriptions to other apps, and learn how to use the Opera Free VPN app.

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If so, and you’re planning to use the Internet to meet people, the pursuit could be less private than you maybe hoped.

The Badoo dating network will soon be added to Russia's federal list of “information disseminators,” according to the website Roskomsvoboda, which monitors Internet freedom in Russia.

With an inhouse relationship expert, we've taken this a step forward and have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our users.

The response and results of this premium offering have been phenomenal.

- India's dating app for singles has started offering personalised relationship advice to its users as a premium service.

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