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Academics found that those who drank after a period of study were better at recalling what they had learnt earlier than people who did not.In the study, 88 social drinkers were given a word-learning task.It takes borrowers an average of 21 years to repay their student loans, while 28% of students are in default (or miss payments for 270 days or more) within five years of entering repayment.

The specific fee structures for Debt Management Plans, IVAs and Bankruptcy are not hidden from you.

In fact we want to ensure you know all the facts, which is why we have compiled a complete list of fees for each.

Consolidators Ltd role is to carry out the debt help services for you.

They do not receive funding from any other sources, so their charge to you is for providing their services to help you reduce your debts.

Quels que soient vos besoins (reporting, budget, RSE, business plan, consolidation), nous avons un paramétrage standard qui répondra à 80 % de vos demandes.

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