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But a teen education expert says the behaviour is "predatory" and "grooming". and it sends you a photo of your own profile picture, describing it as "the kind of lover I'm looking for."Then Banana gives you the options: "Love in Japan? "Here's a full interaction sent in by a Enlighten Education's Dannielle Miller said the bot took on a "predatory and creepy feel" and it's interaction was "grooming behaviour""You're chatting to someone online that you don't know and they keep pushing your boundaries and assuming this level of intimacy with you that they don't yet have," she said."That's exactly what it felt like." "I think it's really problematic that that kind of behaviour was normalised." She also said making light of bad online behavior sends the wrong message.One of the first questions Boost Juice Banana asks is:"Hey.... "If you are a predatory guy online, you can just say but i'm just joking it's meant to be funny, why can't you take a joke? Human: Arnold Mitsuku: That's a pretty funny joke jpb6891.

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Human: are you gay as in happy Mitsuku: As a machine I am not really interested in sex.

Human: i like you Mitsuku: Thanks jpb6891, I like you too. Mitsuku: I will let you know when I become a person you would date me.

Within a few days of its inception, the project has progressed well.

The chatbot has exchanged more than 14,000 messages with almost 1,000 people who responded to the fake online ads.

The online sex chatbot poses as a person in a fake online ad offering sex in exchange for money. Once an offer of money for sex has been made, the chatbot issues a warning message.

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