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When I first heard this question it was at a Ridhwan retreat, it became essential for me to find the answer to it. Sometimes it happens in leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s a careful and slow progress with a ‘beginnners’ scepticism: ‘What do you mean masculin or feminin? What I enjoyed most of all were trainings and sessions about love. My attention on what makes people tick, what is your personal powersource, your life-energy, sexyness, aliveness. Not ‘just’ Tantra and Tao, but communication, seksuality, bodywork, breathing exercises and indepth study of many forms of relationship. – Every week a different hairdo with a different color …

In my own journey through different types of (training and teaching) work and entrepreneurial pursuits, different types of love relationships, through education and training, through being in full contact with life or quite the opposite, being withdrawn from it, I have discovered that the prime source of suffering is a lack of lovingness. This, to a large degree, holds the key towards becoming more powerful and vulnerable, to being more open, to loving more deeply, to experience more attraction, to be more lively and more intimate. I’ve seen many men and women ‘turn on’ by experiencing all this themselves. Even in my former business, in which I worked literally hands on with customers, (I ran a hair salon long, long ago), I noticed that 9 out of 10 conversations were about how people experienced themselves and their lovelife. I continue to search for ever deepening Lovingness. I love to be inspired, to be touched deep inside, to learn more.

I was wrong and I learned a lot from that misconception. For men and women, to support them and help them to also become more True Lovers. I’ve fathomed the depth of the polarity between the masculine and the feminin.

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I was fortunate enough to shoot a beautiful wedding at the Thistle Hill Mansion in downtown Ft.

Worth on March 12, 2011 for my old friend Megan and her fiancé Jeff. Thanks so much to the Chalifoux and Wren family for their assistance during the day and letting me capture it for you all.

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