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Ar geochronology has had a profound impact on the Earth system sciences since its introduction in 1965.

Here in the Argon Geochronology Laboratory at Oregon State University (OSU) we have been employing this dating method ever since 1977 with a focus on volcanism in both the marine and terrestrial environment to improve the geochronology of the ocean crust, ocean island volcanism, large igneous provinces, lunar and planetary rocks, hydrothermal minerals and clays, and so on …

The old Nuclide will be operated manually, at least initially, and will accomplish sample heating using a custom built furnace similar to that installed on the MAP's line.

The Nuclide will be utilized for running older (e.g., Mesozoic-Paleozoic or older) samples which do not require the performance of the more sensitive MAP.

Ar dating method has a wide range of uses in geochronology (defining eruption or emplacement ages of igneous rocks with applications in, e.g, volcanic hazards assessment, ore genesis, and ages of hominid fossils) and thermochronology (constraining time-temperature histories of crustal rocks, e.g., timing and rates of crustal-scale tectonic events such as uplift of the Himalayas, and subsidence of sedimentary basins with implications for petroleum genesis).

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