Going dutch dating advice

I don’t expect the guy I’m with to pay every time we’re out. I expect to be in a partnership that’s so equal that neither of us mind paying for the other.In my mind, it’s a good marker for how someone feels about me and our relationship. Many people like the idea of splitting a bill, so each person is basically responsible for their side of things.I understand the benefits of this—I understand the benefits of being slightly more progressive than I am personally.

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And then there was going Dutch—to split one’s bill and buck the traditions of chivalry.

I am not naïve enough to think all traditions of chivalry are still hanging around, they’re really not. I do not dislike the idea of splitting the bill because I think I should be treated like a princess constantly, or because of some outdated notion that a man should provide for me.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to date models or not because every woman is hot shit to someone, but if seeing your date inspires nothing more than you mentally splitting the bill, you are dating the wrong woman.

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