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The hitch to grandparents’ working is that they don’t get to see their grandchildren enough.

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But realizing that sex continues throughout your life span, and in a lot of cases, can get even better with age, can help you enjoy what you’ve got now,” she says.

We’re not saying you should swap details about your favorite positions, but ease into a candid convo by asking what sex ed was like back in her day, or her thoughts on an article making the rounds among your girlfriends.

Knowing your grandparents keep passion a priority—in whatever form that takes for them—is a powerful reminder to do the same in your own life.

(Just in case the reminder of how lucky you and your sweetie are takes over, learn You ask your grandma what the best part of her recent cruise was, and she and your grandpa exchange a look and blush.

, she uses those skills to explore what it means to be a grandparent today.

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