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There was yardwork and cleaning, followed by invitations to the rectory to eat and watch TV. It is one of nearly 100 lawsuits that describe rampant child sexual abuse by some of Guam’s most revered men: the Catholic clergy.

Soon, there were offers to drink sacramental wine and watch X-rated movies.

Originally native only to Guam, the Guam Kingfisher is extinct in the wild due to the accidental introduction of the brown tree snake to the island in the 1940s.

With numbers of these birds dwindling, in 1984, biologists at the Guam Department of Agriculture initiated an unprecedented intervention, capturing the last of the wild Guam Kingfishers and transporting them to zoos in the United States.

Also, the USA TODAY Network does not identify alleged sexual abuse victims who do not wish to come forward.

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