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Image data from the Yahoo accounts was hoovered up between 20 under the program, which was run by U. surveillance agency GCHQ with assistance from the National Security Agency (NSA).The report is based on secret documents taken by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, which have led to international outrage over the stunning extent of oversight of Internet activities.

Here’s a video of Cassidy Wolf being interviewed about the hack on CNN last year: Wolf did the right thing.

She didn’t give in to the extortionist’s demands, she told her parents what was happening, and contacted the police so they could investigate.

Wardle also released a free tool called Ransom Where?

earlier this year that has generic detection capabilities for Mac OS X ransomware variants.

I'm frightened for them." Rossen Reports: Extreme identity thieves live as you So we took it up a notch, having our expert hack into the webcam in her daughter's upstairs bedroom, where they were waiting with our producer.

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