Hollyoaks actors dating

They were recently asked whether things would get awkward for the couple as bosses threw Holly and Robbie together.Amanda said "Not at all - I think just because it's so far from reality.

Let’s hope she doesn’t lift the lid on their romance on the show then, eh?

Charlie, 24, said, “As I’m getting older, I think more that mixing business and pleasure maybe is not the best idea.“But, we’re a company of young actors and actresses.

Although Nick is no longer in Hollyoaks, Anna said: "We weren't really in storylines together ever, so work-wise it's no different, but I definitely miss having him around on the same schedule.

We'd go for lunch together and finish work at the same sort of time - so it's all of those domestic things that were so easy when we worked together." Hayley and Joe have been dating for little over a year now.

There’s a moment in one of comedian Simon Amstell’s stand up shows where he recounts a conversation he once had with the executive producer of Channel 4 soap opera is “rubbish”, Amstell enquired as to why the producer didn’t try to make it better.

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