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This is a culture that can object to "Yes Means Yes" legislation, that can tell women to "follow a code of conduct" in order to prevent harassment and attack, that can reward men and punish women for the same behavior.

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A good bottle of whisky, a good bottle of rum, a bottle of Triple Sec, a bottle of Amaretto, lemons and limes, microbrews, black rum, and ginger beer.

Which reindeer do you think would be the most delicious?

Up until the late 1980s, seaplanes landed on nearby Lake Turkana in Kenya's arid north, bringing in eccentric American millionaires from Cairo.

British rock legends Mick Jagger and David Bowie drank double gin and tonics with Somali supermodel Iman -- who would later become Bowie's wife -- on the club's terrace, while US celebrity photographer Peter Beard hung around at the swimming pool.

A few years ago, an elderly gentleman arrived at the club, introduced himself as Mr.

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