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Stacking horny goat weed and maca may not be advisable for certain individuals.

Both of these supplements are used to strengthen libido and improve sexual performance.

Reader, did you develop a crush on a guy at the front of the line at the post office, shipping a box shaped curiously like a trombone?

I am pleased for once to be the bearer of good news: The Horny Time in 2017 is about to be the horniest we’ve ever seen.

Do me a favor and think about how you felt yesterday when photos of Rihanna getting it in with some dude in a pool in Spain were published. Did you cancel your original plans to go to a poetry reading by people living with restless-legs syndrome and text the person in your phone listed only as “2AM”?

Did you scroll through the gallery of 22 photos more than once? Did you assess the outfit you’d chosen to wear to work that day and thought, ?

These herbs are claimed to have a wide array of uses outside of sexual dysfunction, including: Horny goat weed and maca are used for a number of indications.

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