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On this week's episode, the cast — along with hosts Dr. V — deal with the aftermath of that vicious standoff.

The "Farrah was supposed to have self-control and she voluntarily picked on [Paula] for her own amusement and for her own rating or whatever and I didn't like it all… I'm the type of person to mind my own business and focus on my own issues, but at that moment I felt really uncomfortable…

“You can have your family back or you can write this book! ” Those familiar with Kendra and Patti Wilkinson know that they've had a strained relationship through the years, to say the very least But this?

” Patti is undeterred by this threat, defiantly telling the reality star that, “First of all, I don’t give a s--t what [Hank] thinks! Again, it's unclear why Patti is hung up on Hank Baskett, Ava London and whatever happened between them, but it looks ugly. The celebrity couple survived a brief separation, and three years later, remain together as a family ... This is not the kind of scandal that you move on from easily, assuming what's reported by celebrity gossip outlets is even half accurate.

We got Kendra at LAX where she applauded Mama June's massive 300 lb weight… and the trigger might have been shots of tequila, and lots of them. READ MORE Kendra Wilkinson's not waving any white flags in her war with Holly Madison ... she wasn't planning on going out and was dragged by a friend to the party.

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