How long have miley and justin been dating

There's nothing going on."Check out the ful interview: coincidence that a glitch caused Justin and Ari to unfollow each other on Twitter AND Instagram, it seems it wasn't intentional and the two are still friends.

Justin and Miley were caught bumping and grinding at an L. It’s been right in front of our faces for years — we just couldn’t realize it. The two singers have been tied down by long-term, up and down relationships for so long we haven’t been able to focus on anything else.

They may not ship the two pop stars together as a couple, but fans loved their friendship.

Since Ariana reportedly parted ways with her and Justin's longtime manager and friend, Scooter Braun, fans thought that they may have had a falling out as a result.

And you know they’d play so well off of each other.2.

They Both Know How To Get Sexy For The Camera Plain and simple, Miley was named number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 this year.

The floodgates are open — and believe it or not, we think Miley and Justin could have a legitimate relationship. They’re Both Amazing Performers Miley and the Biebs put their all into their performances, and put on concerts as entertaining as any performer out there.

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