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"I'm a laid back guy/down to earth/easy going."—said every man ever regardless of his actual personality. But, like, most of you just mean the extent of your reading is skimming the news headlines when you're supposed to be working.

Either tell the truth or make up a more creative lie."I'm equally as comfortable spending a night in watching a movie as I am going out for drinks." Even the wildest college kid likes to stay in once in a while, and even my grandma likes to get out of the house for some fun some nights.

We ended up dating for about six weeks, and I really appreciated the chance to get to know him without also carrying on conversations with, and going on dates with, multiple other people simultaneously. It can tamp down the “why haven’t they texted me back? But it can also be exhausting (how many dates can you handle in one week?

Are you telling me there's something embarrassing about online dating? "Favorite books: Mostly nonfiction." Come on, guys.

Because, um, how do you think I got to your profile? I'm sure a few of you actually do spend a lot of time reading biographies and memoirs and technical books.

This is the least informative statement of your likes and dislikes ever."Six things I could never do without: Water, oxygen, food, friends, family, my i Phone." Ugh.

I know it's this question's fault for being the worst, but does everyone have to be so generic about it?

One thing I’ve learned about relationships and how to find a healthy one is that you have to know when to leave.

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