Internet dating reality tv show

People strive to make favorable first impressions, she said.Therefore, they present themselves in a way they think will make them more attractive.

MTV is launching a new reality TV series called “Catfish” that tells the story of couples involved in online relationships as they meet in person for the first time. The show is a spinoff of the documentary where filmmaker Nev Schulman’s entire relationship begins to unravel as he realizes the young, photographer-musician beauty he fell in love with online is really an overweight, middle-aged housewife.

The film was received with mixed reviews and some controversy, mostly involving the authenticity of the film.

"We get such a diverse mix of stories coming through," Watts says."The disaster stories often make for the best content for our series, as they tend to be the really funny stories.

However, we do have a couple of 'happily-ever-after', 'with a twist' stories that are really great."Watts quickly worked out people were more likely to spill the beans on their love lives if they could remain anonymous, thus the stories in Tales From Tinder - "part documentary, part comedy, part reality TV puppet show" - are performed by puppets.

Find out if they achieve their goal of love within the hour or are burdened with joining yet another meaningless committee.

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