Intimidating interview techniques

’” Their replies were much more illuminating than if Kantor had asked something more generic like, “What are your thoughts on gender equality? Max Linsky, who has the intimidating task of interviewing professional interviewers on the Longform Podcast, says, “Long interviews can have three acts — know where you want to start, where you want to end, and how you want to get there. These conversations can go off the rails quick — laying out the roadmap early lets you easily interrupt and move things along.Makes it feel like you’re on the same team.” Write questions ahead of time, but prioritize conversation. If you need to ask all 20, you’re not having a conversation.” Just come out and ask the hard stuff.

These techniques can be used singly or in combination to give yourself more time.

I recommend starting with the first technique and moving on to the next one on the list, should you find yourself needing more time than the current technique allows. Just saying the words aloud or hearing the question a second time can help you process the question.

And remember that if you never wear suits and want to wear one for the interview, practice wearing one in advance (you might end up looking and feeling uncomfortable otherwise.) Don’t forget to shine your shoes and make sure they don’t give you any blisters before you head out the door.

You can bet money that you will have to tell the interviewer about yourself, why you should be hired and what your career goals are.

This pause can be lengthy, but if you realize that you are generally confused about the question, move on to the next technique. Repeat the question back in a different structure by breaking it into a couple of shorter statements, replacing jargon with simpler words, or just changing the order to something that makes more sense to you.

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