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Our finalists include large public universities as well as small liberal arts colleges, from the Midwest to the deep South, and from New England to the Pacific coast.Campus images reflect both beautiful historical structures and natural surroundings.

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History buffs are in their element when surrounded by the mystique and intrigue of a great historic site. In the case of a tie, the school with a greater number of these criteria was ranked higher, with a rare further tie being broken by the school judged to be of greater historical intrigue.

From there we narrowed the pool down to 20 finalists based on the 10 criteria below.

There are many suggestions for the derivation of the word, but none is universally accepted.

In 1900, Meredith Nicholson wrote The Hoosiers, an early attempt to study the etymology of the word as applied to Indiana residents.

Remembering Ralph Malph cracking a joke and stating, "I still got it”, I was reminded of such exclamation when longtime sprint car studs Shane Cottle and Dave Darland nearly swept Indiana's local scene for the last weekend in July, cleaning up at Liberty, Paragon, Putnamville, and Kokomo.

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