Jorgie porter dating

‘And then it was – because he came on my leg.’ She added: ‘I left, and had to drive my car with my leg crusting.’ *Faceplam* Hollyoaks actress, 29-year-old Jorgie Porter had a date that involved less bodily fluids, but it ‘We had to snake it all the way round whilst I was in heels, and he invited his mate, too.’ Three is definitely a crowd – especially when it comes to dating.

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But the 29-year-old was seen on a date with hunky sales exec James Mitchell for the E4 show at the Fashion Parade Bride & Luxury Pret, and admitted things were "going well".

"I thought by the time I was 30 I would have had five husbands, have been divorced four times and have about 17 kids," she told us.

‘I like a girl to be truthful, when they pretend they don’t know who I am it’s like – shut up please.’ ‘When they go “er, weren’t you on that show uhm tow-something? ‘I ordered 50 dishes around the table, and she was only able to eat one.’ Oh, the scandal.

” ‘You know my name, you watch every single educating Joey Essex, shut your mouth – sorry to get so edgy, but it’s true! Remember you’re with the original Essex poster boy at all times if you get a shot with him, ladies. ‘Said I had big legs, and tried to suck my earlobes.’ She added: ‘Had to go all the way to Manchester on the train, too.’ Oh dear, there’s nothing worse than having to travel to have a bad time. Diversity dancer, and all round cutie pie, 21-year-old Perri Kiely hasn’t had to deal with a bad date in his life, but that might be because err, he’s never had any.

After weeks of very public flirting, it seems they’re on the verge of starting something special…

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