Laws for dating in wisconsin

Here is a brief summary of legal age laws in Wisconsin.

Age of Majority in Wisconsin Children become adults in the eyes of the law at age 18 in most states, including Wisconsin.

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Prosecution is not based upon the medium of reproduction. In this section, “reasonably should know" is less than actual knowledge but still requires more than the standard used in civil negligence actions, which is constitutionally sufficient. 942.09, along with legislative history indicating that the purpose of this section is to prohibit sex offenders from photographing, filming, or videotaping minors without parental consent, leads to the conclusion that “stores in any medium data that represents a visual image" as used in the definition of “captures a representation" in s.

For purposes of multiplicity analysis, each image possessed can be prosecuted separately. Criminal responsibility may not be imposed without some element of scienter, the degree of knowledge that makes a person legally responsible for the consequences of his or her act or omission. The written consent required under this paragraph shall state that the person seeking the consent is required to register as a sex offender with the department of corrections. 942.09, with its separate subdivisions for capturing and possessing a representation, and the legislature's decision to import the definition of “captures a representation" from s. Act 57 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective on or before August 24, 2017.

I need to know whether or not the laws differ in any way if the minor is male and the adult is female or vice-versa. I have found several spots that are not clear in what I have found so far.

If anyone could please help me with this one, I'd really appreciate it. =)I understand that sexual intercourse between a minor and an adult is illegal in WI period. This is soooo wrong, but what is a 17 year old and... The age of consent for sexual relations is 18 in the state of Wisconsin, regardless of the sex of the parties. It’s a crime committed when an adult has sexual intercourse with a minor. Anyone under the age of 18, (or 16; check this list and the current laws in your state.) What can happen if an adult has sex with a minor? If reported, that person may be arrested, tried in a court of law, and sent to jail.

Evidence was not insufficient to sustain the jury's verdict solely because the jury did not view the video alleged to be “harmful material," but instead heard only the children victim's and a detective's descriptions of what they saw.

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