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He was released in 2010, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

We spoke to quite a few people who know Tennyson well, and while some had great things to say about him and how well he represents Atlanta’s South side, others were a little more blunt.

If it were you would you judge your man only on how he treats you and not his shady past?

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“She’d be better off with Yo Gotti,” one source told us, confirming rumors of Tennyson’s criminal past.

This is Tennyson’s Twitter profile image and his bio there claims he’s a partner in a payment processing company. Do you think Angela’s boo deserves a second chance and the benefit of the doubt?

Llyod is waaayy betta becuz he is Grown, Sexy, And Mature and No 1 Never hears any rumors About Him..

Lloyd is currently dating Angel - Last Name Unknown. Nickname: Young Loyd Age: 31 (1/3/1986)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: Street Love, album "I don't feel pressured to tweet or share my business because I feel like my personal life is my personal life. When a woman is pregnant, to me it's her most beautiful and as pure as she can be and I felt like they took everything away from me.

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