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She never acts as excited to see me when I come home. " My friend has just entered into the first of two common phases of relationship insecurity: rhetorical questioning. Moreover, the very acting out of our insecurities can push our partner away, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Challenging the inner critic that sabotages our relationship. Our relationships stir up old feelings from our past more than anything else.The internal investigation continues with, "She takes forever to answer my texts. Because this struggle is so internal and most of the time even independent of circumstances, it's important to deal with our insecurities without distorting or dragging our partner into them. Our brains are even flooded with the same neurochemical in both situations.You can talk in person with her about your experiences with her on the phone, when not present.

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And while it can bounce back and forth from partner to partner, both the cause of our insecurity and its cure reside in us alone.

She wants someone better." We've all most likely been at one or the other ends of this scenario; we've either been the worrier or been with the worrier. Insecurity , as most of us know firsthand, can be toxic to our closest relationships.

It is either very difficult or impossible to work on past aggression when faced with present aggression.

anita I feel as if I’m a pretty good “people pleaser” and have the fear that failure to make someone happy aka my girlfriend I will lose her.

Love is probably the most powerful emotion possible, and when you start to experience anxiety over that love, it's not uncommon for it to have a profound impact both on your relationship and on your quality of life.

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