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Thousands of collectable bears from teddy bear artists around the world.

Stroganoff, che, a partire dal 1880, ebbe sede a Roma nel palazzo che il conte fece appositamente edificare.

La raccolta, dispersa nel corso degli anni Venti del XX secolo, risulta ancor’oggi menzionata nei testi di storia dell’arte per la sua importanza e presente nel mercato antiquario, il che testimonia la rilevanza dei pezzi, ritenuti autentici e dal notevole valore.

So there isn’t a government that sets police on kids – on my kids. We’re here because we still don’t have our own Ukraine. And by the way, once we’ve got a new president I’m pretty sure the European agreement will be signed fairly quickly.” Ivan, 35, art teacher “I’m here because it’s a revolution today, as it was last week.

These people are animals." Anatoly Rudechenko, 60, retired police officer “We just want a civilised way of doing things. We’ve got a rich country, we’ve got land and resources and industry.

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