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...situated on the outskirts of the town of Colchester at St.

Johns Green, the Centre exists to serve the Masonic community of Colchester and its surrounding areas. Giles Masonic Centre is the principal centre for Freemasonry in North Essex and amongst the twelve Masonic Craft Lodges is home to the most ancient of Lodges in Essex - Angel.

Licio Gelli was born in 1919 and when 17 years old, volunteered for the fascist expeditionary force sent by Mussolini to Spain.

Thereafter, he became a liaison officer with the army of the Third Reich.

As an introduction to the political intrigue involved with the P2 "lodge" in Italy, readers are reminded that - at one time or another - virtually all organizations suffer from internal power struggles which lead to embarrassing consequences. Regrettably, avarice and greed know no boundaries....

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