Melting powder consolidating

In this paper, thermal conductivity of metal powders with different particle diameters and their mixture was analysed.Other than that, thermal conductivity of consolidated materials fabricated via SLM process was also studied.It is very widely used in industry for tools of many types and globally ~50,000t/yr is made by PM.

When faced with a need for new material solutions, ATI Powder Metals is the ideal partner for developing a new or improved powder metal product and scaling up to production.

ATI Powder Metals is the industry's only fully-integrated manufacturer of nickel-base superalloys, performi​ng on-site atomization through hot isostatic pressing (HIP).

Through a full range of atomizers, alloys can be produced in heat sizes ranging from one pound up to 8,000 lb.

in the world's largest vacuum induction melt (VIM) inert gas atomizer designed and built by ATI Powder Metals.

Optional secondary processing such as coining or heat treatment often follows to obtain special properties or enhanced precision.

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