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Bret Michaels has a cologne, obviously called Roses and Thorns, with some of the most laughably bad product copy I have ever read.From the Roses and Thorns website: “After many months of trial and error and even a few shirt burnings, the final Roses and Thorns scent was locked.

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Sinopse: Em um mundo onde super-heróis agem ao longo de décadas, um contador com nenhum poder percebe que a sua cidade está sob o comando de um super-vilão.

Enquanto ele luta para provar essa teoria, ele se junta com um super-herói azul estranho.

O’Day was famously ousted due to her propensity of making headlines; not by being in one of the most confusingly named, fabricated girl-groups, but by earning her stripes slutting it up in the Hollywood party circuit.

I’m sure the pictorial didn’t hurt Diddy’s case in letting her go.

may be off the air, there’s a whole new generation of Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and Cougars who are willing to endure the possible heartbreak and humiliation with the possibility of “true love.” But what about people that might want to find love without so many straight parameters?

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