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She was sprinting probably about a block." (Sharla Braun, Mother) "And the lady pulled off to the side and told my daughter to get in to the car and my daughter said no and continued to sprint - she's still in a full sprint - and she said get in the car and I'll help you get to where your destination is and as she slowed down my daughter yelled no and kept going." (Sharla Braun, Mother) "He had no intention of dragging her back kicking and screaming on this road which would draw a lot of attention but she would have possibly gotten into the SUV on her own which would have been detrimental of course." (Jim Olson, KX News) In the end, the story turns out to be instructive for all of us.

Kids should make sure they don't get into strangers' cars, even someone who might be appearing to help in some cases.

Features High Quality, Detailed Minot, North Dakota Map Quick, Easy To Use Map Interface Ability to Zoom In, Zoom Out & Move the Map Street Level Details Including Streets and Major Buildings This app is a scam, it zooms in on some bridge in Sydney, Australlia. It requires wifi, so you can find mindrot by zooming and scrolling (there is no function for search).

This takes forever because it needs to load every new zoom-level from the server.

Our Minot, North Dakota Virtual Map Virtual Map is the perfect app solution for those looking to quickly generate instant maps of the Minot area.

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