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Loren Gray’s favorite movie of all time is the romantic drama, The Notebook.

Lady Gaga continues to hold a huge place in our hearts, from her openness about mental illness to her unrelenting support for survivors of sexual violence.

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The result is a pure, pointed look at heartbreak and reconstruction, delivered by a writer who's at the top of her game and a band that's encouraged to get weird.

Lambert isn't taking any interviews these days.

We break down the album's two halves – titled The Nerve and The Heart, respectively – days before the album's official release on November 18th. "Runnin' Just in Case" (Miranda Lambert/Gwen Sebastian)"There's freedom in a broken heart," Lambert promises at the close of this highway anthem, which kicks off These Wings' first disc with ringing reverb, muffled percussion and the airy atmospherics of Reagan-era U2. "Highway Vagabond" (Luke Dick/Natalie Hemby/Shane Mc Anally)Written by Natalie Hemby, Shane Mc Anally and Luke Dick, who co-wrote Eric Church's "Kill a Word," "Highway Vagabond" is equal parts country-funk road song and hillbilly nursery rhyme, delivered by a touring pro who's seen her share of mile markers. "Ugly Lights" (Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Liz Rose)Lambert reinvents herself as a barfly who slurs her way from happy hour to last call, refusing to leave the premises until the barkeep flips on the fluorescents and pushes her out the door.

Loren Gray Beech is one of the biggest stars on the social media app, Loren Gray Beech is her full name, but Loren started out as Loren Beech.

In addition to acting, she’s also a singer, a student, and a friend to some other very talented stars. Between acting and recording, we can imagine her schedule must be really packed! She fangirls over Ross Lynch just as much as we do.

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