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But when it comes to something truly personal and intimate, like a golden shower on the beach in broad daylight, that’s when she gets possessive.But I’m losing the thread here, which may also be relevant to “The Paperboy,” whose plot wanders all over the place before trailing off in a mood of fatalism and pointlessness.

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3.) If "once you go black you never go back" is true, why has and COUNTLESS other white gals tried dating a black man, only to end up be happily married to a white guy?

3.) Why is it that, according to The Department of Justice, a black man is 7 times more likely to be murdered than a white man?

She's not only a great actress but she's also a hottie.

In partnership with the Student Activities Board, the Cross-Cultural Film Series is a program established by the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center to exhibit examples of diversity, inclusion, and culturalism in current award-winning films.

5 QUESTION FOR BLACKS-AN OPEN LETTER1.) If you are so athletically superior, why has The World's Strongest Man been WHITE since 1977?

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