Optus trouble validating name backdating to save age life insurance

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optus trouble validating name-37

However, the Internet Industry Association and the Australian Computer Society are still stuck in IPv4 land.

However, perhaps saddest of all, the website of NBN Co — the company tasked with dragging Australia towards an always-on, gigabit-throughput society at the cost of $43 billion — does not validate (neither does gov.au).

I believe what What up Skip is talking about is no Voice calls via 3G/GSM (i.e.

put the SIM card in your mobile) as opposed to Vo IP (via HDSPA data).

Bugger :( Pricing schedule is as follows: $199Starter kit with USB modem-USB Slimline Modem (E169)-SIM Card-2Gb of Data 15 free sms OR $29.95SIM-Only starter kit-SIM Card-2Gb Data 15 free sms Vouchers ($-Data-SMS-Time valid)$30 – 2Gb – 15 free sms – 30 Days to use it$40 – 3Gb – 20 free sms " " "$50 – 5Gb – 25 free sms " " "$70 – 6Gb – 35 free sms " " " Our stock is arriving next week. This is common to most Wireless Broadband plans, the carriers, in the terms and conditions do not promise Voice Calls will work, but on the other will heavily charge you for them when they do.

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