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We would sink to a new low, exchange some hateful verbal vomit, I would die a small death, suffer a small depression, come to some amount of forced peace within 24 hours and feel terrible for the hateful verbal vomit, text an apology for the hateful verbal vomit, wish him a beautiful life and "love and light, ! I scrubbed every inch of me, as if the layers of skin were somehow carrying layers of my past relationships. And then I pulled the drain on the tub and I let every last bit of everything swirl down the drain. As if their energy were now leaving my orb, and going back to the earth. And then I put on fancy underwear, some Alicia Keyes, and I blew out my hair. Some hours later that Friday, after that bath, the one man I care about, the one who's been on the periphery the entire time, the one who is kind and calm and patient and empathic, called me out of the blue. Instead of praying for what you think you need, pray for the best possible outcome, and pray for the clarity to see the best outcome.

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We’ve had two movies (which are essentially the same movie) where by the end of the story, we think that it can’t ever end without someone falling for the other. And the way that I’ve always seen a FWB situation begin is usually at the friend stage.

Even though I have yet to see it done properly, I still believe that it can be. Carrie’s definition, as seen above, differs from my definition of what a friend with benefits (FWB) is mostly because I’d rather not refer to an ex as a friend or buddy but rather a mistake and a pain in my ass. Like Samantha said, “he’s dial-a-dick” (or phone-a-fuck for readers that aren’t interested in dick).

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