Plain jane dating coach

But even though I was wearing knitted socks while these girls preferred sexier 20 denier tights, the friendships worked.

If the boys wanted the trendy girls with their Miss Selfridge dresses, high heels and curling-tonged hair, they had to accept it also meant inviting me in my Laura Ashley frock, flat pumps and what appeared to be a bird’s nest on my head.

As well as dancing like a dervish, very occasionally some poor lad would find himself opposite me when the mistletoe did the rounds at a Christmas party and I’d even get a kiss, something I might have missed out on altogether had I not been part of the cool clique.

Erica Dasher, who plays Jane, is annoying and there is something going on with her face that just bothers me and distracts me from anything else that is going on in the show.

Also, people at ABC Family, who are we trying to kid?

Over 50,000 have now attended his live events, including his ' Women's Weekend', Matthew Hussey Live tour and his five day retreats.

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