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Next switch to ‘Keywords’ tab, press the same ‘New item’ button and add all Gettext functions you use for your plugin, most of the time only are needed.

Make sure all necessary functions are added and press OK.

A file is often created by the plugin or theme author himself and then delivered along with that plugin or theme so that translators can translate such project using Poedit conveniently.

Der Tor-Browser allein gengt nicht, um sich wirklich anonym im Netz zu bewegen.

Linux Kodachi ergnzt Tor um weitere Technologien zum anonymen Internetzugang.

Upgrading is really quite easy, as there are not many backwards compatibility breaks.

If you are not sure which version a function or feature is in, you can check the PHP documentation on the website.

This website aims to introduce new PHP developers to some topics which they may not discover until it is too late, and aims to give seasoned pros some fresh ideas on those topics they’ve been doing for years without ever reconsidering.

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