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” Valentine’s Countdown or Erika’s “Tied to You” Valentine’s surprise!It blows her nipples to amber beads, it shakes the frail rigging of her ribs.

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It’s the poet’s feelings, penned down in the most beautiful lines with which nearly all of us relate to at some point in our lives.

Girls or women, who are known to be “highly romantic in nature”, make the best poetesses.

From there, you can use the drop down bars to select the phrases that speak the most to your soul (you still want to make it personal after all! We had fun creating poems for each other and reading them aloud dramatically to the other.

If you do go the card route, consider sharing your poem as a final end to Tara’s “How do I love thee?

But few expressions of love can be so profound in their depth and so intense in their passion as lines of love poetry.

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