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But the focus is firmly on the Valkyrie, exploring how she came under the wing of Acacia and how she ultimately came to work for Hades/Jack (Eric Roberts).*With former partner-in-crime Stacey (Kate Corbett) along for the ride, Tamsin heads back to high school looking for an alternative door into Valhalla.

She’s eager to speak with Freyja (Michelle Nolden), whom she hopes holds the key to sending Jack back to Tartarus.

Debuting in 1947, the Black Canary displaced Johnny Thunder from his regular back-up features in Flash Comics.

The only child of a long line of police officers, young Dinah was defied her chance to become a police officer.

The context for the adventure is secondary, however; ‘Sweet Valkyrie High’ is actually more concerned with how Tamsin went from honour roll to expelled under Acacia’s tutelage. Please don’t say it’s because he wants to take over the world!

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