Redating the exodus

* [] : lit., “uncircumcised of lips”: a metaphor expressing the hindrance of good communication expressed as “slow of speech and tongue” ().

redating the exodus-38

But in context the present account does more than simply repeat the earlier passage. * [6:3] was unknown previously, in context the emphasis in the passage falls on the understanding of God that comes with knowledge of the name.

In this way God responds to the worsening plight of the Israelites and Moses’ complaint in that God has done nothing at all to rescue them.

* [] : according to Nm , Phinehas was given by God “the covenant of an everlasting priesthood” because of his zeal for God when the Israelites committed apostasy by worshiping the Baal of Peor in the plains of Moab (see Nm 25:1–18).

There is power in God’s Word, and there is power in God’s people turning to Him and choosing His wisdom.

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