dating indian online site videos - Ricoh updating destination list failed

However, when I select the computer (in WORKGROUP), it just says, "Entered path is not correct..

ricoh updating destination list failed-21

I have updated firmware, formatted the HDD, tried a different HDD, replaced the controller PCB and memory, the maximum email size is set to off, there is a fax unit installed, bot not used or even connected to a phone line, but I continue to get an error of "Transmission has failed. To check the current status, press [Scanned Files Status]." when scanning to email.

A different machine of the same model (MPC401) configured the same, works fine.

It is a fully operational exchange server that is been used by our corporation. What do you currently have set up as your SMTP server settings? Even if anonymous connections are enabled, it will deny relay to external addresses because they are not valid addresses in the Exchange organization.

I want to perform scan to e-mail using our Exchange 2010 server in our LAN. I will be your Primary Care Technician and I can assist you with your question. I have the option as "Internal Relay Domain: e-mail is delivered to recipients in this exchange Organization or relayed to an e-mail server outside this exchange Organization." Also I added the Ricoh's under my HUB Transport as a Receive Connector. This connector is secured by default to not allow anonymous connections.

One major possibility for this error is there is no route listed in the remote gateway, for the packet send from your computer, to destination host.

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