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And the 53-year-old actor recently enjoyed a 'once in a lifetime' experience as he paddle boarded among sharks in Santa Barbara with son Matthew Edward.

The Lowe Files star was thrilled to encounter not one but two 'amazing Great white sharks,' chatting about his ocean thrill with TMZ.

Moore later explained in magazine that "By moving around a lot, I learned to assimilate into whatever new surroundings I had and to become very comfortable with people quickly.

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The December 2011 death of longtime AA sponsor Patsy Rigg, 70, left Moore devastated and triggered a January 2012 collapse requiring hospitalization.

Among those inside her home at the time of the episode was Glenn Close's daughter Annie Starke, who can be heard assisting Demi on the leaked 911 call.

This film told the story of a group of friends as they confront post-college life.

The cast also included a number of other young stars on the rise, such as Rob Lowe, Andrew Mc Carthy, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Emilio Estevez.

Interviewer Alan Carter said, "However, some peekaboo shots did appear inside.

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