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This one is written by someone seeing her ex-boyfriend with a new girl in a club. ) dance/pop singer who has never blown up in the U. She writes her own songs and has gotten regular critical acclaim, so she is seen as a cut above your typical pop-tart... I'd never heard of Robyn, or the song, so I You Tubed her official video and boy, was I confused!

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By sixteen Robyn had broken into the mainstream pop industry and signed a deal with RCA Records to release her first album.

She did well in Sweden with her first record You’ve Got That Somethin’, and shortly after that burst onto the American pop scene with her hit “Show Me Love” off the album Robyn is Here.

I became aware of the song, in my clueless middle-aged way, when somebody in my facebook friends posted the Erato margarine-tub cover of the song, which I loved. It came to mind again when I saw her on SNL this past Saturday, and the video isn't a fluke - her triumphant Jazzercise (tm) presentation is how she does her song.

Am I alone in suspecting she doesn't understand what she's singing?

Similar in style and tone, with similarly sad lyrics.

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