Role players chat room for adults

Any image deemed not appropriate will be taken down, people that continuously abuse the rules for images will lose the ability to post images.Also, we know that one can search for hours or days to find just the right image for your character.

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You get to see the people you’re talking with; it's the next best thing after actually being face to face with them.

For support groups, the means being able to face their problems, dilemmas and sufferings with other real people that are going through the exact same thing or have lived through such harsh times in the past.

Occasionally, someone will inadvertently end up with an image that another person is using. To be fair and to cut down on confusion; the member having the image first will retain it.

Members may claim up to 3 images for their character.

For sports enthusiasts, the means connecting with other fans and debating in real time over which players in the league deserve to be placed in the hall of fame or even discuss salary caps.

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