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Despite her busy married life, she still travelled to the UK occasionally to perform agency nursing work until 2016, when she made a permanent return to Holby. In October that year, the staff were faced with two problems; the threat of the closure of the night shift and Duffy's stand against pornographic films.

Duffy divorced Ryan at the end of 2016 after falling in love with Charlie. Eventually her demonstration outside the cinema led to several members of staff being involved with scuffles with the police.

It was only a matter of time before Katy Perry weighed in on those pesky Ryan Phillippe dating rumors, and that time is now. Yesterday, Phillippe posted the following on social media to calm his fans' curiosity "I am not dating Katy Perry," he tweeted in all caps.

Without even taking a second glance, you can tell that this is going to be a good one.

This star is not only a catch on a screen, but he is quite the catch off screen too.

In September of the following year, Peter's sister turned up at the ED with a letter and pressed flower from him.

His sister explained to Duffy that Peter was dead, and that he'd died after driving his car into a river.

If, like us, you spent all weekend indoors watching 13 Reasons Why, then prepare to be thrilled because we have some really great news for you.

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